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Training for Success

No matter what type of business you�re involved in, training can have a positive effect on your performance, and a measurable impact on your potential profits.

Your skills, and those of your employees, are the biggest assets your business will ever have. It will be vital to keep your skills up-to-date, and training is a proven way to attract a high calibre of staff, and then ensure you retain them. Regular training is an investment that will allow you and employees to prosper and develop, whilst giving your business a highly skilled workforce and a competitive advantage in the market.

How to Start

Training is all very well but, during the first years of your new business, you will probably be faced with one very significant problem � a lack of time. You will probably recognise that personal and professional development for yourself or your staff is needed to make your business more efficient, however, taking people out of work may appear to be too costly. This problem puts many business people off developing their staff, which if left unchecked will lead to a decline in the skills-base of your core business.

Training Objectives

In the same way that you have sat down and thought about a Business Plan, as a new business owner you should develop a Training Plan, even if you�re the only person in your business.

The main thing to consider when deciding on a Training Plan is your training objective. This needs to be set at the beginning, and preferably be measurable. This lays the foundations for what the course of training will be based on, and if the objectives are measurable, it will allow the result to become quantifiable and show you whether the training was worthwhile.

Who Can Help

Once your training needs are established, the next stage is to evaluate which delivery option would best suit you.

As a new business, many of the agencies and organisations in the Directory will be able to help with your training needs.

It is likely that you might be interested in some management training, and Local Enterprise Office Dublin City will be pleased to take your booking for the latest courses online at  ISME, Skillnets Limited, the SFA, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, and many of the Universities and Colleges around the City will also be pleased to help.

Generally, you will be looking for the most appropriate level of training to suit your needs. You should also consider the training method that will be used, particularly as your time will be at a premium.

Many training methods can deliver effective learning and development solutions for all development topics, such as a customer service solution or a leadership programme. Each training method has individual benefits, and a few of these are listed below: -

Bespoke Training:

  • Unique to your company;
  • Designed around your training objectives;
  • Complete control over the training.


  • Already written and packaged;
  • Tried and tested programme;
  • Set prices for the programmes.


  • Complete flexibility for when and where the learning takes place.